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Voice Search is here and Vocal SEO is about to change Conversational Search on Google and all major search engines forever. With the introduction of the Alexa Echo amongst many Voice Search Algorithm enabled devices, businesses will now require a Voice Search Pro and Talk Search specialist on board to ensure they are found by the new era of Conversational Search. We all remember the early days of SEO and Web Development when I’d get callers stating “I don’t need the internet for my business” or “All my business is from word of mouth” some business dinosaurs even said “Websites won’t take off!” Talk Search are here to ensure that mistake never happens again and here to ensure your competitors don’t get all new business before you. We have developed the first Voice Search Algorithm for your website in order to be found via Google Voice Search, Siri Search, Alexa Voice Search, Cortana Voice Search and all other Speak to Search enabled devices.

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50% of people are using voice search to find products & services

If your business website is not powered by Voice Search Optimisation (or Voice Search Optimization as our yank friends call it) you really must act quick to hire us as your Voice Search Pro partner. There is only one true Google Voice and that is ours at Talk Search Ltd. We have developed the world’s first and only Voice Search Algorithm – Did you know that Speak to Search does not require a direct website visit, the devices pick out the Voice Search Algorithm we place in your website, you are then positioned on search engines ahead of other websites that do not have our Voice Search technology!

speech search will replace typed search so be voice ready

“Google voice search queries in 2016 are up 35x over 2008” according to Google trends via Search Engine Watch “40% of adults now use voice search once per day” according to comscore “Cortana now has 133 million monthly users” according to Microsoft/Tech Radar “In May 2016, 1 in 5 searches on an Android app in the USA were through speech”

“We estimate that 325.8 million people used voice control in the past month” according to Global Web Index (that’s almost 10% of the online population according to Internet Stats)

“50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020"

websites voice search optimised in just 7 days with our vocal algorithm 

This is Fringe Voice Search Technology at its finest and you are reading this because you want to be at the front of the que ahead of your competition, not the back! Speak to Talk Search today to enter the world of Voice Search and have your Website Voice Search Powered in just 7 days!


Rates for small business from just £9.50 per day


Rates for online commerce from just just £15.99 per day


Received with all orders Voice Search Algortihm installation certification and monthly update

Voice search sources

the future of consumer communication

Communication since birth has mainly been vocal so it is with no surprise that the new choice for searching online will be without a keyboard and use just the power of the voice. Your website will need to be Voice Search Ready and there are many adjustments we need to make with immediate effect, we will then continue to maintain your Voice Search Optimisation each month to ensure you remain the number 1 Vocal Search Result for what you do, in the areas you provide business.

mobile phone | android | apple | microsoft

Ask any internet user how they search for something and they will say "Google" ask them how they conduct that search they will say "Keywords" ask them the tool they use the most and they will say "Mobile Device" Did you know pretty much every mobile device is "Voice Activated" and has "Voice Enabled Search" built in using very clever "Artificial Intelligence" and now we are using this as our number 1 search tool, globally! If your business website is not Vocal Search ready you will slowly drop out of Talk Search results and this will NOT take very long now that the wheels are turning.

the voice search optimisation cloud

As every day passes the Voice Search cloud gains new intelligence and becomes even more powerful. FAQ's are the main source of search type when asking Alexa, Cortana, Siri or Google Voice for services in a particular area. For example, when using keywords, we search like this: "Plumber in London" when Talk Searching "Alexa find a plumber near me" as you can see this is Conversational Search rather than Keyword Search and there is no screen or keyboard needed. Those in the know have started to invest in our Voice Search Algorithm technology and now enjoy coming first choice in Voice Search Results, maintaining Google page 1 and creating new revenue from Voice Search Optimisation.

get in touch with talk search & get vocal

Talk Search is not fully here yet but the statistics do not lie by 2019 the Voice Recognition market will be worth £601 million, 50% of all searches will be Voice Searches by 2020 and 40% of all adults in the world now use Voice Search daily for goods and services searches. Our rates for this new technology are more cost effective than Goggle Sponsored Adverts and will protect your business online and generate new money from this emerging market. Call Talk Search today 033 33 55 4887 to be fully Voice Optimised in just 7 days. Every business receives a certification for the Voice Search Algorithm installation and monthly on site updates to ensure you remain top in Vocal Searches, each day every day. Get ahead of the competition the clock is ticking, as of today, we are the UK's 1st and only Search Optimisation Company for Voice Search but this will not last forever:

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Change is here

For over two decades Google Search has ruled our senses, the use of sight and touch, well very intelligently we are taking back control with our Voices, so Be Ready | Be Vocal | Be Visible the power is our hands, lets change our internet experience and control our senses and reshape internet search  by Talk Search.

“Voice Search is here and this may be our last chance to shape internet search”
We are currently ahead of market trends so why not join us before your competition does

Voice Search

Our voice search algorithm will take just 7 days to install and optimise into your website. Talk Search will then update and maintain this every month for 12 months. You have the option to pay monthly or the year in total up-front, annual payment receives 2 month FOC. You will receive vocal search results from Alexa, Cortana, Siri and Google Voice - all of our work carries a fully compliant certification upon completion. Our tiers cover standard business websites through to fully customised online shop's the rate varies based on the level of voice search optimisation required to rank your site 1st via vocal search results. As we stand you have a rare opportunity to get ahead of your rivals, think historically when websites became the new business platform, those at the front of the que became the most successful companies online, this is your time, call today: 033 33 55 4887.



  • Algorithm Installation
  • Google Pg 1 Retention
  • Top of Voice Searches
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Multi Vocal Services
  • Multi Vocal Areas
  • Monthly Voice Updates
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  • Algorithm Installation
  • Google Pg 1 Retention
  • Top of Voice Searches
  • Compliance Certificate
  • Multi Vocal Products
  • Multi Vocal Areas
  • Monthly Voice Updates
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be found via voice search

Amazon's Echo is by far the greatest and latest artificial intelligence to lead the voice activated device market. 50% of all searches are now done via conversational search on home assistants like the Echo. Your website will come up top in vocal search in the places you operate, amazon are stumping up $100 million into the Voice Search Technology market, we have one chance to change search using our voice, the last un-tainted human sense.

Echo Voice Assistant services

Google as a business relies financially on pay per click and sponsored campaign subscriptions to finance its business / search engine. However, in a recent interview with Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google, failed to deliver an answer to how the main source of funding will be protected from a search type that does not require keywords in the typed form nor a screen. If you are reading this and pay PPC or AdWords call us now!

Google voice assistants support

You may well be reading this website on a Microsoft device that is already Voice Enabled to receive and be controlled by Voice Search Algorithm powered websites and its users. Conversation Search is being used more and more every day on Microsoft enabled products so much so that 25% of vocal search was done on desktop's! Get on board with our Algorithm today to protect your business tomorrow 033 33 55 4887

cortana voice activated search
Siri Search has been with us for years now just waiting for this Vocal Search boom, waiting patiently on our IPhone, Siri's power is now in full use with 50% of all web search being voice search and on Google Voice enabled devices. Google Home is the equivalent to Amazon Echo, although Amazon will be releasing a software update for Sonos to become Voice Search powered, surely a move to obliterate Google Search forever and reinvent the search wheel via our last untouched sense, "Our Voice"
siri search optimisation services

Frequently Asked questions

  • does my website require the algortihm?

    YES in simple terms. If you currently pay for PPC or AdWords or in fact any premium service directed toward results on Google, you must get in touch with us today. We are able to tell the truth that Google DO NOT wish you to find out, please call 033 33 55 4887 or email

  • do i remain as the top voice search result?

    YES you will but only upon the correct installation of our updatable Voice Search Algorithm our fee includes these updates and you will never pay any more than the monthly fee. We guarantee to ensure you remain the chosen result for your business vocal result in your chosen trading areas.